Show Your Colours for Autism"Be Yourself; Everyone else is already taken"  
                                                        Oscar Wilde

Tie Dye Styles & Colours

Select Your Style...

We offer a few tie dye patterns you can choose from in designing your shirt.  As is the case with tie dye, no two patterns or shirts will come out exactly the same.  Each shirt will be slightly different and unique - much in the same way that no two people with Autism or ASD are the same or have the same traits.  The pictures provided are just to give you an general idea of what the patterns might look like.  You may choose: Spiral, Scrunched, Circles and Stripes.

Spiral pattern is achieved by twisting the shirt at a single point on the shirt and then placing rubber ands around the shirts to pull the color in and blend together. This pattern can be done in rainbow or any other color combination up to 6 colors.

Scrunched pattern
simply gathers the shirts loosely in several places to create
wrinkles and folds in the shirt and the color when it is applied. Often times with
the scrunched pattern there will be slightly more white of the shirts showing
through the colors than with some other patterns. Up to 6 colors can be used.

Circles pattern picks a single or multiple point(s) from which to place rubber bands and gather the shirt fabric. You may use up to 6 colors and can have the circles use the same or varied color patterns.  If selecting circles patterns, please indicate if you want a single or multiple circle pattern(s) in the notes area of the order.

Stripes pattern uses an accordion fold of the shirt and then cinching the shirts
with rubber bands at multiple points to create the stripes.  There will probably be a little white that shows through at the points of the rubber bands and between the stripes. The stripes can run vertically (as pictured) or horizontally. As with the other patterns, you may choose up to 6 colors.

Select Your Colours...

There are several colours you may choose from to include in your shirt. These colours are listed on the ordering page also for your convenience. You may choose a single color or up to 6 colors for your shirt.  You will also have the choice of Rainbow which uses: Red, Deep Orange, Yellow, Emerald Green, Bright Blue, and Deep Purple.

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